Sense Data

RK Projects @ Shoot The Lobster

Alex DeCarli, Sarah Faux, Kricket Lane, Sophie Stone
November 7 - December 12, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 7, 6-8 pm

New York City - 540 W 29th Street




Esse Est Percipi (“to be is to be perceived”) - George Berkeley

"H. H. Price found that although he was able to doubt the presence of a tomato before him, he was unable to doubt the existence of his red, round and 'somewhat bulgy' sense-datum of the tomato. According to this argument, all of the qualities attributed to objects are sense qualities. Thus, hardness is the sensing of a resistance to a striking action, and heaviness is a sensation of muscular effort when holding the object in one’s hand, just as blueness is a quality of visual experience. But these qualities exist only while they are being perceived by some subject or spirit equipped with sense organs."

Flesh, a body, puddled, segmented, re-formed absurdly, a private sensation that there is another being in the room, breathing heavily, steadily, dependent on the combination of balance and gravity, disembodied, excessively carnal. Porous and rigid, erotic, transparent. Still-life as an armature for the reinvention of an abstract proposition - hysterical contracture; irregular shapes absurdly subjected to [the] forces of gravity. This is an exhibition of assemblages - a complex use of unexpected materials, processes, and forms; figurative language applied to sculptures, paintings, objects; implications of extended metaphors:

A knee cap/Slips into his battered-wood night ware./An entourage of river stones gather and curdle at the hem of his sock,….his transparency has settled him into his home that is an eternal, precarious plane.

Snake comes along on a rusty old bend/An arm supplants concrete, bearing a head

an altered eroticism:

your hand,
your hand,
my legs, 

Acts of naming, over and over. Making physical what could otherwise be rudimentary classification. These are intimate [memories]: catching sight of his legs or [my] own legs, closing [my] eyes to picture her above [me], the sagging chest of a woman on top. [This is the] experience of living in a body: naming and feeling its parts. [Sarah Faux]

An unanalyzable private object of sensation: phenomenal qualities that appear to the subject yet belong to items distinct from physical objects. Sense-data can be characterized as the immediate objects of sensory awareness that occurs both in normal perception, and in related phenomena, illusion and hallucination. The central idea is that whenever I have an experience in which I perceive, or seem to perceive, a physical object, there is something immediately present to my consciousness: engaging in a deliberate and systematic construction of a fragmented and delirious subjectivity.