Roland Thompson

The True Organization of Things
January 15 - February 27, 2016
Opening reception: Friday, January 15, 6 - 9 pm

3315 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018

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Martos Gallery is pleased to present The True Organization of Things, a solo exhibition by Roland Thompson. It might come to pass that our Verse contracts at some future time. Not expanding forever until Stars disappear. The Few know that within the Verse there is no single Center. Every point is the Center. Out of each of these every thing swings. These Planes before you could be likened unto the act of scrying outward from within a vortex. Where matter is tightened and ordered at the edges. Thus these Planes are organized on the perimeter. Precise. As these Planes expand inward, anomalies cause their disorder. When you gaze closely you will see embedded material that disrupts Order. Mutations to Order as set forth by the Original Plan. Vibrationally they are more like unto geodes than other sentient material. Growing inward. Thin at the edges. Expansive in the middle. Like unto the core of our World. A chosen Few know the core to be hollow. To contain a vast network of tunnels and organisms. The Few know that Ancients live there, even now. They coexist with great beasts. They are the First and the Last. Seven hundred and Seventy Seven millennia ago they came to the surface. At this Point they were met by extraterrestrials. It was then that our Parents copulated. We were created. This ancient and True lineage explains a lot of things. If we were on the lower gravity World of Mothers, our spines would heal. The ease of Birth would be of a higher degree. There are caves and tunnels in the Highland of our World. Also in the Lowland. If you penetrate deeply into these Corridors, you will find symbols from our Ancestors that are unlike anything that has ever been conceived by a Human. These Planes before you are also likened unto the Vision. Looking downward into these Corridors. Seeing the Womb of World. Only Few know the Names of these Corridors and their precise Locations. They were dug outward from the Womb of World. When you have the privilege of gazing down into Lower World, you will see that in Middle there is perpetual growth. This principle of Middle is the only fixed constant. It cannot be moved. Although intelligent material expands inward, it also contracts outward in all directions. This is the True Organization Of Things.

Roland Thompson (b. 1970, Ogden, Utah) received an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Thompson has exhibited at White Columns, New York City, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, Colorado; Mahan Gallery, Columbus, Ohio; Paris Concret, Paris, France; Marta Herford, Herford, Germany; the Fairview Museum of History and Art, Fairview, Utah; CUAC, Salt Lake City, Utah. His work has recently been acquired by the Historical Society of Deseret, Wendover, Utah.

This exhibition was organized by Lazaros, who lives and works in Los Angeles, California.