A collaborative exhibition by Gobby, Nicholas Buffon and Allegra Crowther
July 13 - August 10, 2014
Opening reception: July 13, 6 - 8 pm

New York - 138 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

Art in America


Beginning July 13th, STL is pleased to present “Pleh”, a collaborative exhibition by Gobby, Nicholas Buffon, and Allegra Crowther.

“Pleh” encompasses a collection of drawings and comics made by artist and musician Gobby over the past six years, a series of videos made over the past year by Nicholas, Allegra and Gobby, and many of the miniature sets and props used in the creation of those videos.

Also on display will be Gobby's first commercially printed comic book.

Nicholas Buffon is an artist based out of Manhattan. He had a solo exhibition at Callicoon Fine Arts this past spring, and will show at Freddy in Baltimore this upcoming fall.

Gobby is a musician and comic book artist based out of New York. His work was shown this past fall at Bed-Stuy Love Affair, this is the first comprehensive exhibition of his work. His solo album “Wakng Thrst for Seeping Banshee” was released on UNO records this past fall.

Allegra Crowther is a set designer based out of Brooklyn. This is the first time her work will appear in New York City.