Henry Codax

Exhibition organized by IETS & Philippe Piessens
July 11 - August 25, 2014
Open: Thursday to Sunday from 5 - 11 pm

Knokke - Nellenslaan 134, Knokke-Heist



“Colors are everywhere, in every situation. A monochrome painting isolates what is ubiquitous. Like drawing a square in the sand at the beach.”
- Henry Codax

For Codax’s Shoot the Lobster exhibition at the Nightshop in Knokke, the artist will present a new collection of monochrome paintings, using colours that respond to the spirit of the Belgian seaside. Seeming to have appeared out of nowhere, the enigmatic paintings of Henry Codax were first exhibited in the summer of 2011. Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include Gavin Brown's Enterprise (NYC), Martos Gallery (NYC), Michael Thibault (LA), Carriage Trade (NYC), and Galerie Susanna Kulli (Zurich). This is the second time Codax exhibits in Belgium.

Exhibition organized by IETS & Philippe Piessens