Dan McCarthy

February 1 - February 16, 2013
Artist Reception: Friday, February 17, 6 - 8 pm

New York City - 540 W 29th Street


Shoot the Lobster is pleased to present new paintings by Dan McCarthy. 

Dan McCarthy’s recent paintings move in a new direction, using layered text as subject. Moving away from the centralized figure of his recent work, Dan’s new text paintings reveal an intimate and poetic take on the artist's personal past. 

Centrally located and drawn free hand on top of marbleized gesso grounds the words and phrases evoke fragments of dreams wishes and songs, while retaining the light, space and spirit of his previous work. 

The phrases and words within the paintings act like Haikus: a chain of free associative thoughts, memories and events within the artist’s personal history while serving as a proposal for a reinvestment of the present. 

The layered text and materials add multiple meaning to the paintings deceptively simple yet sophisticatedly rendered surfaces. 

The rich materiality and straight forward production gives the work a startling immediacy and dynamic engagement combine to create a depth that is both emotional and physical. 

A 22-page catalog produced by Hassla books highlighting Dan McCarthy’s new paintings with an essay by the artist, is available at Martos Gallery and Hassla Books.